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Re: The Luck of the Irish Month Board (March)
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Tara: She is very sweet and loves to snuggle.. like alot. Like if i sit, shes climbing on top of me and the computer or schoolbooks to get to me to snuggle.its usually her and her "night night blanket". Shes figured out how to reach into the crib to get it, so she drags it constantly, Its white too.. so clorox is my friend! lol. Im hoping its her hearing as well.. although shes beginning to mimic what we say (in her own sounds) and do. Good signs! But shes also seeming frustrated like she did when she was a newborn and couldnt move around but wanted to. she screamed constantly..and shes now whining constantly.


Gina: She doesn't say anything at all. Random sounds here and there of different vowels and consonants..but no words. Her dad has bad ears, so thats why they are worried. Chris had to have a new eardrum grafted from skin on his head when he was young because it corroded away due to a bacteria. Now his other eardrum is gone and looking like his other one is going again as well. But shes never said anything, and they worry when they are 16 months and have no spoken words. I swear she said ugh oh one time when she dropped a toy in the bath, but shes never said it again and that was months ago.


Alix: Like i said to Gina, its probably her hearing, but she has some odd habits that also raise flags for autism..its killer waiting, but nothing else i can do. I've waited for 9 months to get to even see her, then waited another 9 to see her walk, and 16.5 to see her talk.. I think we can wait out another month to know whats up. Layla was 6lbs at 33 weeks, they told me I could expect her to be 8 or more lbs by the time I went into labor.. I was really worried about that. She was 7lbs 14oz at birth and 19.5 inches long. I pushed her out with not too much fan fare (but lots of hemmoroids.. ouch). It depends on your pelvis and position of bryce and etc. Not his weight. I was super glad I wasn't Chris' ex wife.. JD was over 9lbs at birth. The thought of that makes me cringe, but at the same time, the only part that hurt about pushing Layla out was she tore me up by my urethra. with the epidural I still felt that part. I say epidural epidural epidural.. :smileyhappy:


Well, I have some assignments to work on for spanish, and I really want to soak in a nice warm bath while layla naps and enjoy some coffee and classical music.. so I am off to sneak that in.. I really need to clean up the house some, but i can do that (somewhat) while bug is awake .. I can't relax in a hot bath while she is :smileyhappy:

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