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Hello ladies!

I have been trying to keep up, but my computer is in the "shop" and so I am having to use DH's heavy computer that is missing the "a" button (it just has the rubber knub thingy...Ugh!). So typing is annoying at best!

Tara: Oh I hope that this is your month, and if it isn't I am excited that things are moving forward with the IVF cycle!

Brie: How relieving to have a diagnosis and plan! I hope that things start feeling better! I am also on the fence about taking BCP--my OB gave me a prescription for the mini-pill, but I am just not sure. Plus, its 25.00 a MONTH! And--ya....

Amy: How exciting about Nathan's photobook! I love them! :smileyhappy: I want to attempt to make them for the kiddo's--with every free offer I get order another one! However, I have to wait awhile longer!

Vicki: Congratulations!! I just had baby #3 in July! :smileyhappy:

Nicole: You around?! How are you doing? How is baby Lucas doing?

Isra: How are you doing? I hope things are going well! How is this cycle going?

Simone: Wow, what a crazy adventure with Ty :smileysad: I hope things get straightened out soon!

I apologize if I missed anyone!

AFM: Jordyn is already a month old!! 5 weeks actually! I go back to work on Monday :smileysad: Not really looking forward to it--but it is what it is, and I will have my personal day and sick days to use this year. So that is a good thing--that way if/when I need to be home I can be-AND I can take my personal days for no-good reason! LOL! Jordyn is such a great baby and the boys absolutely love her! Things are going well all around! :smileyhappy:
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