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Re: August 2013 Board

Vicki: Congrats!! I added the BFP and EDD to the board!


Tara: I am about to go look at your chart :smileywink: Hoping you did O on your own and you're going to get a miracle sticky baby!!


Amy: WOW! You sound like me :smileywink: I take at least a hundred pics for each month layla turns.. I have been trying to narrow mine down to one "good" picture to hang on the wall for each month. So hard! lol.


afm- Hubby wasnt able to get my estrace yet.. I feel like Im going to cry lol. I asked him twice to really really really pleassssseeee try today. he isnt sure. If not, I'll go get it tomorrow morning anyway, but i'd like to start getting it into my system.

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