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Re: February Board
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Simone: That's what thought, so happy for you that he will be home for good :smileyhappy: That makes sense to wait till Mon, hmm interesting that your bloating is gone. Irritability could go either way.

Tara: The headache could be from your sleep being off, but pregnancy itself brings it on. I experienced that the whole time with Lucas, but I think it had a lot to do with the pre-ecclampsia. Lying down with a cold  cloth over your eyes will help the hurt ((hugs)) Hope you can find the underbelly kind, I prefered that over the overbelly in the comfort department.

Amy: How cool that Nathan is 23 months and you're 23 weeks along with your little girl :smileyhappy: I know, they change so much! Migraines are not fun :smileysad: Hopefully your back pain subsides also ((hugs))

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