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Re: February Board
Hi Ladies :smileyhappy:

It's been busy at work, but I had a moment to read, back to page 5...

Brie: You deserve your Starbucks for sure! Chris needs to really seriously consider quitting the smoking for sake of his family AND himself. He's been through a lot with his ear :smileysad: Do you have Layla in daycare? We didn't enroll Aaron until he was almost 2 and he wasn't talking either. We noticed a huge difference in his vocabulary just a couple months after he started. The socialization really brought out his language :smileyhappy: That's good she has an appt with her pedi coming up, you can express your concerns with them get the advice you need ((hugs))

Christine: Great to see you! I know, I can't believe it 7 mos! Lucas will be 8 mos this weekend! I'm glad you went to the doctor about your anxiety and I hope the medication helps you :smileyhappy: I would happy to give you our snow here :smileywink: We've had so much of it along with the cold, so ready for this winter to be over :smileytongue:

Tara: How's the sleep going, almost done your work week :smileywink:

Simone: When is Ty coming back? You said it would be permanent this time right? You're having an awfully long cycle, it almost looks like O'd CD41 and the dip on Tues could be implantation (?) Maybe that's why you've been getting BFN's before, have you tested since? Hmm, what's it look like today I wonder, keep us posted hun :smileyhappy:

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