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Simone- I O'd somewhere around CD29 with this little one. My cycles were sitting right around 40-41 days after having the little man. KMFC for you!

Tara- Can't wait to hear all about your appointment today. :smileyvery-happy: I love appointment days. I taught Nathan a few signs when he was young, milk, eat and more is pretty much all we did. He also knows butterfly (but his version isn't really right). He started talking so readily that I gave up on signs pretty quick. It's a lot of repetition getting them to understand what you're signing. Milk was incredibly helpful when he was really little though, if nothing else I would learn that one. :smileywink:

Nicole- Hope everyone is feeling better!

Brie- I was deaf for about the first year of my life, they have no idea why I was deaf or why I could all of a sudden hear. The doctors actually told my parents it was a miracle. I had to do quite a bit of speech therapy. Needless to say I had Nathan tested at the hospital before we even came home, I will do the same with this little one too. That being said, I have lots of friends with kids that are far older then Layla with very few or no words, they all do things at their own time.

Christine- Anxiety is rough. I've had horrible anxiety with both of my pregnancies. I also have anxiety about taking medicine though, so that route didn't work all that well. If you can find a counselor that does cognitive therapy or mindfulness training it helps a tone.

AFM- Just doing the normal stuff. Plus working on getting the house and decorations all ready for little mans 2nd birthday! Less then a month away now! Time sure does fly. As for pregnancy, this one is so far going a bit better.  Still have my aches and pains and anxiety but I think partially having experienced it before helps.  That and the little man keeps me busy. :smileywink:

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