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Re: February Board

Brie- That's a good thing she responds to her name. I may have said it before, but I've known people who's child hasn't talked for a very long time and they are just fine. It just took them a little longer. Hope the doc can give you some more reassuarance. DH really wants to teach our kid how to sign cause he thinks it would be a great skill to have. I know my nephew learned some signing in preschool. It was a neat thing to watch him learn. 


Christine- I'm glad the Zoloft is working for you and that you got help. Anxiety can be really challenging to cope with on your own. Jordyn's crawling, yay! Independence here she comes. Man, time is flying by! Sounds like life hasn't slowed down much for you. Are you still running? I am super excited about the 2nd trimester! I stopped drinking coffee in December after our transfer. I have gone so long without it and powered through that in a way I'm proving something to myself. I know I could have some though and it sounds amazing! Mmm, a vanilla latte my favorite!


AFM- Just trying to make it through my work week. Didn't sleep the best my first two nights on. Half way through though so that is nice. Have my second OB appt late tomorrow afternoon. Assuming it wil be pretty quick and uneventful.