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Hello Ladies!!

I am so sorry I have been MIA! Life has definitely stayed crazy as usual! Jordyn is 7 months old already! I can't believe it! She is crawling backwards--and is eating like a maniac! LOL! Life in general is pretty good. Teaching, 2nd job, the kiddo's, and just general stuff keeps me going! I did have some pretty major anxiety starting in October but getting really bad Dec/January. I went into the dr and am now on Zoloft and am feeling MUCH better! So that is nice!

Tara: Oh my goodness--how exciting!! The 2nd trimester already!!! :smileyhappy: I was (and still am) a coffee drinker! Although--Jordyn HATED it when I was pregnant and it would almost instantly make me feel like I was going to get sick from about 6 weeks to 18 weeks. So--I had no other choice but to give it up :smileysad:

Brie: Owen wasn't a huge talker either. And it did end up being his ears. He had tubes put in and he still 2 years later struggles with speech! I would definitely talk to your dr. about Layla not talking. Owen at 2 could say 20 words exactly. The 1st thing they will do is have you have her hearing tested! It's hard to do for a little one like that but they can!

Nicole: I wish we would get some snow! We really have had very little snow this year-which is sort of nice, but it isn't good for the farmer's. Last time we had very little snow we had a horrible drought and the farmers lost a lot of their crops :smileysad:

Gina: Wow! I can't believe Lucas is already walking! I am definitely not ready for Jordyn to be crawling OR walking! She can go backwards and definitely get around--but no forward crawling yet!

Ok...I gotta get to bed! school comes early in the morning! :smileyhappy: Have a great week everyone!
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