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Tara: KMFC for you this cycle, your chart looks great, that would be so awesome if you O'd without the meds! Yeah, the book has some 760 pictures in it or something like that. I have a serious picture problem. LOL In a good way, but still, I've probably taken a good 20K pictures since he was born (not ALL of him but a good portion). My cycle has been abnormally regular since it started back in March at about 40 or 41 days (or normal for most people I suppose), coming from such an irregular cycle (3 weeks to 3 months between) before having Nathan it just seems strange to have it actually the same each time. Hopefully when we decide to try for #2 that will make life easier and clomid free, we'll see. I hope we'll start trying again towards the end of the year. I have a major requirement that Nathan be walking since I could barely walk when I was pregnant with him, I can't imagine not being able to walk AND carrying around a toddler who isn't toddling around.
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