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Could this be a false negative?

So i had unprotected sex feb 6th, 7th,and 9th and my projected ovulation day was the 10th. Then again on the 14th and 16th. I have been having very strong pregnancy symptoms, heavy bloating, and I'm normally and A or B cup in bras, went and got fitted at two different stores yesterday and confirmed my breasts are now a D and had grown that size just this month!. My nipples have been very sore for two weeks. I havent had any spotting and my last period ended on the 3rd. I took a first response early detection pregnancy test on the 18th and got a negative. I took one again this morning with FMU and got another negative. I have never had symptoms like this before. I am supposed to get my period tomorrow but I have never really been regular. When should I test again? I have read a lot of articles saying first response gave a lot of false negatives and I just feel like I am pregnant. Any input, personal experiences, advice, could I be pregnant still? Help!!!! Thank you