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Nicole: Starbucks did help! I managed to clean the rest of the house, minus layla's and our bedrooms. I'll do those tomorrow since its mostly just hanging up and putting clothes away.. the whole  time consuming aspect of it, plus wrestling Layla trying to undo what I am cleaning.. little stinker!

I decided that since DH prefers to induldge in Beer and smoking (and I am livid over this!! I hate hate hate smoking and hate even more that thats anywhere near layla for health reasons...especially with DH's ear history!), I decided I'd start spending $7 a month on a bag of starbucks coffee for myself :smileywink:


Tara: I gave up caffinated coffee when i was pregnant with Layla as well.It was so hard.. lol. I am addicted to the starbucks now.. my neighbor got me hooked on it since thats all she drinks. You will love the second trimester! :smileyvery-happy: and the doppler gives such a peace of mind... I can't express how much peace of mind it gave me on the "quieter days".


afm- DH is looking at facing surgery. His good ear drum ruptured a few weeks ago, and he is considered legally deaf right now (his other eardrum was repaired as a kid and its also on borderline of rupturing currently.). The ENT dr said they wont do surgery for another six months because they want to monitor this "huge hole"... stupid if you ask me! However, about that time, I'll be done with school, which takes a load off me and wondering how i will take care of him and layla and housework and a possible pregnancy about that same time. =x providing we do try and that depends on pap results in may. Layla still isn't talking , but still making her sounds and alot of "eaglet screeching" lol. She has an appt with her pediatrician on March 4th. I feel like she should be at least saying now. She is so intelligent.. I just wonder if shes holding it all in..or if she has problems with her ears as well. DH was deaf until he was 8 due to his major ear issues. However, she has no problems hearing you opening a wrapper or opening the fridge! She loves "chase" and being chased. and hide and seek (however, you have to hide and she finds you). She also loves to throw her ball to you and play catch. I just worry about that whole "no talking" thing.


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