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Re: February Board

Nicole- Oh darn, I was hoping you had a better night with Lucas. 


Gina- That is so much willpower! It would be fun to have a suprise at the end. I couldn't wait that long. That is nice of your DH to be willing to wait it out with you even though he wants to know. 


Amy- Handmade stuff in nurseries are always so special. There aren't a ton of bedding items I like that aren't ridiculously overpriced. I can't believe Nathan is almost 2 as well! Time flies when you're having fun, right?


Alexx- Glad you feel like your doc is starting to take you more seriously. I sure hope that the 100mg of clomid does the trick for you!


AFM- DH and I are going to go to my parents ski place. Looking forward to it even if I won't be skiing this year. Small price to pay to grow our little bean.