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Re: February Board

Nicole- So sorry Lucas isn't feeling well.  That's never fun.  :smileysad:

Tara- I'm super jealous you can get u/s like that.  So awesome you got to see your little one again.  I'm almost tempted to pay for those pictures.  June is so far away. LOL

Gina- Almost walking?  9 months.  Oh my.  I would have gone nuts had that been the case.  Nathan didn't walk on his own until about 17 months!

AFM- I decided to make most of the bedding for our little girl.  I wasn't finding anything I liked and then I found some fabric that I love.  It's Riley Blake Enchant.  I'm using the dark blue, aqua and pink ones.  None of the strange green.  I love green but it just looks wrong to me.  I ordered all the fabric today (it was on sale)... but I can't start making things until after Nathan's birthday.  I can't believe my baby is getting so close to 2.  

Here is my pinterest board with my inspiration type stuff (and fabrics)

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