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Re: February Board

Nicole- Seriously? You can't be sick again that is just so unfair. I sure hope it only turns out to be some irritation and is gone ASAP. 


Amy- Sorry you had such a rough night last night. I have a tough time when DH gets moody like that, too. It's good it's not often that's for sure. Hard not to take it personally even if you know it has nothing to do with you. That's great you found a new chiropracter you like and how funny that you already know her, too. The cake is super cute! I love decorating cupcakes and cakes, too! I've been pretty lazy about it the last 6 months or plus. 


Brie- Hope you're doing well and class is going well!


Gina- When is your next doc appt?


AFM- Woke up and went out to lunch with DH. Went for Mexican food which was really good. I'm excited that I actually ate a full meal and didn't even eat anything before we left the house. Obviously, I slept in :smileyhappy: Back to work tonight which I'm not all that excited about just hoping it's a smoother week than the last one. I like low key.