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Nicole- The picture is pretty small here so you can't tell as well. If you go to my user page and look in albums there is a larger version. :smileyvery-happy:

I had a rough night last night. We had a great day and then when I got home later then intended DH just seemed to be in a horrible mood. Mumbling things under his breath that he wouldn't repeat and he went to bed before I even got Nathan in bed so I barely got to see or talk to him. I just started bawling. It's unlike him to do that... he must have had a rough day at work or something. I wouldn't know. My frustration did equal out my cleaning the kitchen up though, well not the dishes part but all the rest. I might do dishes when Nathan goes down for nap. I'm still feeling extra moody today. I just cried and cried last night. Stupid hormones. Oh a different note, I went and saw a new chiropractor last night that does more prenatal type care. I feel much better seeing her. AND I went to high school with her... crazy!
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