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Re: February Board
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Tara: Yesterday's commute was much much better :smileyhappy: Everytime I go grocery shopping I look at the sales flyer and make a list from that, and yes I'm a coupon Mom :smileywink: I felt that way about food while I was PG too, but at least you know your DH will eat what you buy :smileywink: Hard to motivate when you're so tired ((hugs))

Amy: Oh, for some reason I thought there was another child next to him not two separate pictures of him, duh same outfit too, didn't notice that ooops :smileywink:


I've got something again, probably from Lucas because he's been so congested the last few days. I started with a scratchy throat and stuffy nose last night, now today I can hardly talk :smileytongue: So glad it's Friday and I can make the attempt to rest this weekend.


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