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Re: February Board

Brie- There is something very satisfying about seeing your DH care that way. Cheers to the fact that your next PAP will be normal! because I said so :smileywink: 


Isra- So wonderful to see you back on here! Sounds like you've been very busy! Keeping my fingers tightly crossed you will get that sticky bean this month! Your temps sound good! 


Alexx- Hoping the progesterone will work quickly and get this next cycle started ASAP. I foget did they adjust your clomid this cycle since it didn't sound like you O'd last time at 50mg?


Nicole- I've been busy/tired. I've also had problems getting this website to load very quickly. Seems like it takes forever. Maybe they need more servers or something. I did read just very very lazy :smileywink:. My next appt is Feb. 25th. I should be 13 3/7. Each day is getting closer to a day out of the first trimester, wooo hoo. You should post a pic of your chicklets if you're up to it. Would love to see how big they're getting. 


Amy- Love the bump picture! Super cute!!! Glad you got to go out and have some fun! Hope your body is hanging in there with you!


Gina- How are you doing? 


AFM- Been tired and still feeling hungry but not wanting to eat. Been trying to soak up lazy time on my days off. I really need to get what will be our nursery cleaned out. I have a ton of craft stuff in there and a big weight machine which DH can't take down until I get all the other stuff out first. Just doesn't sound like that much fun.