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Re: January Board!
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Isra: It's wonderful to see you posting too :smileyhappy: Your temps are looking good for 10DPO, that little dip on 6DPO could've been implantation, and your symptoms sound promising too! Potty training accidents are frustruating, but he still has time to get it down. Aaron was 3 and you're almost there :smileyhappy: I have to say there are some good advantages that he's older and more self-sufficient since Lucas arrived :smileywink: I've got my FX'd for you hun ♥

Brie: It does stink that he lives so far away, but I think Layla will always be able to look up to JD despite the distance :smileyhappy: Oh yes, he does it all the time! It can be so cute and drives me crazy at the same time :smileytongue: Aaron loves Angry Birds Star Wars, my boys (including Jeff) are all Jedis I guess :smileywink:

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