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Re: January Board!
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Hi ladies.  

It is so good to see you all again.

I have a good excuse for not posting - my job is keeping me super-busy, I am taking an online course, and I am helping my friend finish her degree.  In addition to everything else, of course.

Nicole, glad you are back to regular posting.  I missed you those last few months (when I myself was posting semi-regularly).  

Tara, good to see you're still pregnant and it's going well.  Hopefully it will continue. :smileyhappy:
Alix, I see you're having a boy, congrats!

Brie, for someone who is trying to avoid, you have been pretty lax about your temps.  I say just go for it and your DH will get used to the idea. :smileyvery-happy:

Haven't seen Simone on this thread, does she still post?

Also see a few new users. :smileyhappy:


I am supposed to test Tuesday but I am really curious.  Nauseous, and I pooped three times today with really loose stools.  The whole week, except yesterday, I have had really loose stools and honestly, according to my diet, it should be the opposite.

Plus, my temp spiked to a previously unknown temp - 37.33 - today.  I've never had anything above 37.2.  And two days ago it was 37.26.  But I'm trying to remember that a lot of months I have a spike just before it starts to fall - and usually it keeps falling till AF.  So I'm steeling myself...


Really tired but today less so.  On the other hand, I DID take a nap today so maybe that's why.

I guess I will continue to drive myself nuts, huh?


DS is singing "Wheels on the Bus" with [wrong] motions and it's really cute.  DH is going to be back late and I'm really bummed.

I had to clean poopy underwear and it was gross.  Plus, it was sooo smeared that it took a longer time than usual to clean.  I think there's another poop in the diaper.  Should probably change it and get him in bed (he's in pajamas - pajamas and diapers go together now).

Wondering when he'll have a sibling - most people who had a baby with me already have two and some are waiting for #3. :smileysad:

Oh, well.

I guess (hope) my turn will come.  Seriously, after this long wait, I'd be happy with a baby every year for two or three years.  DH doesn't agree but I guess we'll see what happens.  He'd rather have twins.  I'd rather two singletons a year apart.  Twins after a miscarriage sounds really scary.  Plus, with a 3.5 year break between if we have twins I'll have tons of people asking if they're from IVF.  No, thanks.  Singleton and then another one a year later.  It'll raise my fertility-self-esteem.


Sigh.  Hopefully one day I'll stop dreaming.

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