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Re: January Board!

Well blah... I had a bunch of personals written out and then it wouldn't post.  When I copied it only copied the last paragraph.  So now the personals are smaller.


Tara. Gina- Love the little gummy bear pics!  So cute!

Brie- I hear you on the wanting a sibling thing.  If I didn't feel that way there is very little chance I would have gone through all that again.  My body isn't the biggest fan of being pregnant.  Love the miracle of life... but wow is it rough.


Nicole- Hope you're feeling better.


AFM- Just more of the same.  One day at a time right. :smileyvery-happy:  DH and I are going to watch Spamalot this weekend at the 5th.  I'm pretty excited for that.  I might even go and see if I can find a maternity dress that looks nice (I'll use it for maternity pictures as well).  They don't lie when they say you show earlier on your second that's for sure.

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