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Re: January Board!

Gina- Love your US pic! One of the pics I have you can see arms and legs although the legs still look pretty small. I don't have enough will ower not to find out the gender. It's a lot of fun at work though when I'm a delivery nurse for someone who doesn't know yet. Glad the MS isn't bad. I feel pretty blessed about that, too. 


Nicole- Thanks, loving the little window into what's going on in there. 


Brie- That makes sense about having reservations about adding another baby into the mix. Sounds like if your next PAP comes back clear though then you are doing pretty good to think about another one :smileywink: Waiting till school over sounds like a good plan too since you are pretty much in the home stretch. Really hope Turk can avoid having to have surgery. That's hard because it's a financial hit too.