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Re: January Board!

Tara and Nicole: haha.. I figured everyone would jump at that. :smileywink: no babies yet..Tara, I'm glad baby is doing well!! It is so exciting to finally get to see your baby updates for a change!  As for turk, They can get kidney stones but not sure how. Its definitely weird. He has a "cluster" of them..small ones, small enough for him to pass on his own with the help of meds and a special diet. Poor baby had to get a catether and x rays. He likes his medicine though so thats a blessing. If he can't pass them all on his own, he has to have surgery, and thats money we don't have right now..but would find a way to do so.


We are still on the fence about having another baby.. I would like another just because I think it'd be good for Layla to have a sibling she could be close to since her and JD wont probably be close until shes way older, which stinks but i guess thats one disadvantage of marrying an older guy who had his first child really young. lol.I know I loved my brothers and sister and am close to all of them and I'm sure she would want that. However, we're still really concerned over the whole cervical cancer thing, even though the LEEP seemed promising, I jump from a normal pregnancy to an automatic high risk pregnancy.. two things that make DH nervous.. But we would both love another one (and how my insticts let me want another not sure!).. Id love another girl.. Chris wants a boy he can name "Luke" which I refuse to allow. (de ja vu of layla's naming process, right?)  Because half of people think "Laia" is "Layla" 90% of the time ..having children named "Luke and Layla" will make them the brunt of every star wars joke possible by every airhead out there..NO THANKS.

We will see. I have my follow up pap in May, if I get the all clear then, and I am on track to graduate in July..we may begin TTC then.. but all a big maybe.


Gina: Congrats lady! Quite the family you have there :smileyhappy:



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