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Re: January Board!
Tara: my dr said no food just water. So we made the appointment for the earliest time in the morning, then afterward I'm going to eat so I don't crash again. I didn't think a cracker or two would hurt the first time but I guess it does.

Amy: love the pic! You are 10 weeks behind me too. Hope you get that tooth fixed soon sounds painful!

Nicole: glad you are feeling a little bit better. My tonsils keep swelling then unswelling. It's weird.

Gina: congrats!! What a surprise!!

afm: the dh and I bought a car this weekend. We went in to see how much we needed to save up and ended up driving off the lot with a 2014 Chevy equinox. It was something that just fell in our lap. My blood sugar still isn't back to normal. And now I don't leave the house without a small bag of snacks and water. I don't know why it's just now starting to do this but it's not fun at all. We see the dr every 2 weeks now. And I have tons of appointments to get out of the military. I don't know how I'm going to find the energy to do everything I need to do and keep the house clean and take care of the dh and the dogs. I've also started to crochet again. Even though it kills my hands I'm going to push through it and keep doing what relaxes me and keeps me sane. I'm almost done with my nieces blanket. I need to make 2 more panels but I need more yarn for just one color. I will see if I can post some pix of that and the latest u/s. I forgot to tell you Bryce has chubby cheeks. We can tell from the last u/s that he does and that he has my feet. I'm just hoping he turns before his due date he is still breach and he looks too comfortable to flip the right way.
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