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Re: January Board!
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Hi Ladies :smileyhappy:

Amy: Oh, I must've been posting at the same time and didn't see yours when I sent one to Tara. Thanks for your suggestion about seeing the ENT and again and the Singulair. I did take that before when I was first diagnosed with my asthma, I can't remember if it helped or not though. As I told Tara, I don't know between my sinuses and tonsils which are more the problem. I'm doing ok today, over the weekend I really tried to get some extra rest (not easy though :smileywink: )and continuing with the natural remedies. Pregnancies can be very similar and also very different, you just never know how it's going to go :smileywink: I hope Nathan is feeling better. I love the picture :smileyhappy: Oh no, I hope you can get in for your tooth today!

Tara: I know what you mean about the "small improvements", it's true that they don't last long enough before I'm feeling something coming back. As I told Amy, I am feeling pretty ok today though. It's so off and on. I really liked having ginger ale too. Sounds like you are starting your day off right with the bagel and cream cheese. The bread and butter is good, I found that carbs like this help especially when you're just sick of crackers. Try having some fresh fruit too to get in natural sugars.

Alix: So glad your FIL passed his stone. Oh gosh, that's scary about your blood sugars. Are you supposed to be doing the glucose drink for your GTT? I think this is why they don't want you to ingest anything but that. It's true what Gina said though, you may be able to have a small meal under the circumstances.


Gina: How IS Lucas?

Love and ((HUGS)) to you all ♥

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