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Re: January Board!
Hello again ladies! I hope everyone is starting to feel better. Seems like everyone is getting sick again.

Tara yay in 9 weeks (hope I'm not too late on that)

Well I have missed a lot. Hopefully I can keep caught up now. My FIL is doing good he passed the kidney stone before he left. But on Saturday I ended up in the hospital. My blood sugar crashed so bad I lost consciousness. I had eaten but I guess not enough. I don't know what happened. Thankfully I was sitting down. I was supposed to have my glucose test this week but no one told me I couldn't eat before I had the test so I had to reschedule. It's going to be hard not eating when I wake up at 6 for work and the appointment is at 8 and I'm supposed to eat per my dr. Sorry gotta go someone's at the door
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