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Re: January Board!

Amy- Kinda funny how you've described both your pregnancies the same. I think that's really cool to keep a diary or blog so you can check on things like that. Hope your dinner with your parents goes well and Nathan starts feeling better. Darn unstable, pelvis. You're almost half way there! I can't wait until I can start to feel movements. I know I'm a little ways off though. Kinda wierd to think we've known we are PG for a month now. Your anatomy scan should be coming up soon!


Nicole- Hope you get into the ENT. You've been suffering with this far too long. Having to take all those antibiotics and seeing only small improvements isn't enough. I am definately keeping crackers in my purse. I have also been drinking ginger ale which I really like. Eating bread and butter as I type. It's probably not the best that carbs are pretty much the only thing that sounds all that great. Oh well, it's food. Each morning I wake up I eat a bagel ad cream cheese which is a good way to start out.