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Re: January Board!
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Tara: We've had sunshine too which IS really nice to see even though it's so bitter cold and windy out there. It's between my sinuses and my tonsils, can't figure out which is more of a problem. I'm using the Netti pot every night, but I can't take any decongestants because I'm breastfeeding. My poor little Lucas can't handle me taking anymore antibiotics either even though I think I really need a good strong one. One of my co-workers is taking Doxcycline and that I remember knocked a big bad infection I had a while back. But, I know the cyclines (tetra etc.) are not safe for the baby. As you know, I had nausea like that my entire pregnancy, but I didn't always throw up from it. Always have crackers, ginger ale and protein packed snacks available even though you don't want them or feel you need them at the time, you do believe me. YAY 9 weeks!!!

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