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Re: January Board!
Tara- Glad your MS hasn't been to bad. I was always nauseous but thankfully never actually sick. I still have that nothing sounds great thing going on. I do recall it eventually getting better with Nathan, hopefully that happens this time too and for you as well.

Nicole- I agree, you might want to see an ENT again. Having that sinus surgery is the best thing I have probably ever done. It is amazing how nice it is to be able to breath... and just how much I couldn't breath. Even when I thought I was breathing well I wasn't before the surgery.

AFM- Still lots of headaches/migraines. I was rereading the blog I wrote when pregnant with Nathan last night. Apparently I had pretty much the exact same thing with him, it was kind of crazy how exact the description was to what I'm feeling now. The PT earlier this week said to start wearing my body suit more often and make sure I'm getting the stretch in as much as possible, I'm just not stable. I have been feeling the baby move more and more recently, I love that part. That is probably one of the few things about being pregnant that I really enjoy. Nathan has been a little under the weather the last few days, nothing too bad just runny nose and a temp that isn't normal but not high enough that anyone cares. He's been cranky though, and he woke in the middle of the night which he almost never does. We're having my parents over for dinner and I am determined to eat dinner at the actual kitchen table (so I must go find it).
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