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Re: January Board!
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I hope so too, thanks Tara ♥ Work is like a petri dish, there are so many germs going around. I started getting a headache last night, and my nose and throat are feeling funny today. Oh gosh, really hoping I don't get something again :smileytongue: That's great once you're released to your OB you'll be closer to home :smileyhappy:

Alexx: Oh sweetie, I and alot of the ladies here know what you're going through with this frustruation. So many screwy cycles. It's best for YOU to take this one "off", not temping or monitoring, just letting it go. How long has it been since you started TTC #2? I'm not sure on your background before and after having Adam. Aaron was a Clomid baby and Lucas is our little miracle from IVF. You are not alone in this Alexx, we are here for you ♥

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