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Re: January Board!

Hi everyone. I swear I've been reading but I haven't really felt up to posting. I'm getting really frustrated and depressed over TTC. I just feel like my body is broken and it upsets me that I can't do the thing I was meant to do. It's just...irritating. So, I had AF for TEN DAYS!!! But it was super light. I haven't been doing my temperatures because I just don't care right now. I am waiting for my next cycle so I can start Clomid again. UG....I'm getting really weepy a lot lately and feeling very stressed out. These past couple weeks have really taken me to a place I'm to immature to deal with. I'm actually starting to think like an adult instead of a teenager. I'm 24 and this past week alone I've signed up for retirement, started planning our first family vacation WITHOUT my parents, and applied for a car loan. I know these things sound dumb but I just don't think I want to be a grown up...If you need me, I'll be in my blanket fort...