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Re: Big question
Take a breathe. Stay at school and take care of yourself & your child. Talk w/ ur advisor & teachers so you can arrange ur schedule for ur due date & healing time after delivery. Ask a family member or trusted qualified friend if they can babysit while u r at sch. Find out if u have the option of independent study to complete class if u go into labor. Careful of how heavy ur backpack is. Plan ahead for what u can and have a plan for things u can't predict. I was a student at sch and mommy at home. I didn't bring a lot of hmwk home so I could focus on being mommy. Have baby items that multitask or are super easy to use/clean. Make a list /schedule of Ursula and baby's daily routine. Write down time of each feeding and diaper change so u know when the next is. Keep extra clothes for u in ur bag. Sleep while u r pregnant and when baby sleeps & if need be schedule a nap b/t classes or after u eat lunch. Just set alarm on ur phone so u wake up. Drink water and keep a healthy snack close by. You'll be great. Remember ask for help when u need it & make 1 day a wk all about caring for yourself. 'Me time' helps us be better parents. Even when u r frustrated give baby a hug n kiss. U will feel better.
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