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Re: Big question
Congratulations! I too pondered this as I deliberately went off my BC while in my doctoral program. Also in education. I did this after finishing coursework so I'm in the final phase of proposal, comps (a little afraid of the deadline), IRB request, research and writing and editing. But, I'm determined. A baby is a blessing and it does require sacrifice. The first three months of anything are most precious.

What I did:
1. Took a semester off. Not difficult b/c again I'm finished w/coursework. I took my time finalizing my proposal and submitted it just 2 weeks shy of delivering my son. I would suggest you go part time. You want to enjoy your child and not stress as much. Working on my dissertation was a great distraction and motivator. I want this degree more to say I accomplished my final major educational goal. Although for me learning is NEVER over.

2. Outlined realistic goals with my advisor and my husband. They both will keep me on track.

3. Changed my graduation date. It was this year. But now it's next year.

4. Seek family and friends to watch your child while you dedicate special days, hours and time to coursework. But also spend most time enjoying your baby and husband. Then of course working. Decide what's most important in terms of work. You may have to cut some hours.

5. Seeking help with your child while completing coursework will require a good breast pump if you decide to breastfeed.

In the end, know that people have done more with less and everyone isn't blessed to have a child. Take this unique opportunity and make the best of it while you can. And know that the first three months are the most important. As you learn your baby and bond you won't sleep as well as you desire. A break from things will give you a new focus and clarity about your life and goals. What is important to you know might not be so important the day your child is born. Wishing you so many blessings!
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