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Re: August 2013 Board

Simone- Glad Ty is okay. Sounds like the employees tried to do what they coul. Still hoping everything works out okay for all you guys!


Brie- I'm not sure. I think it will be hard to tell until you have a few charts. Even then BFing can mess with your ovulation and make it less predictable. One would think most guys would be ecstatic about that as a form of treatment for your discomfort. I think it's all a myth, Good man for going to get the estrace. 


Amy- It's much appreciated. Good for you on BFing for so long. Sounds like you have a little guy who knows what he wants. 


Nicole- If you are following along just want to let you know I'e been thinking about you! Hope you and Lucas are doing well.


AFM- Sounds like we might be able to get the IVF ball rolling soon. I am going to do that phone consult on Monday and find out about pursuing the IVF with the different clinic.