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I am a mother of 3; I have a 4 year old son and twin 2 and a half year old girls. Ever since about July (when the girls turned 2) i started bugging my husband for a new baby...I felt the need to have one more (because my plan has always been 4 kids and I love being pregnant so having 2 in 1 kind of left me longing as opposed to 2 separate pregnancies) and he said no I'm crazy.
So then in August we split up (he had an affair) and in December I moved home with my 3 kids to be with my family.
I notice pregnant women and newborn babies EVERYWHERE I go. I desperately long for a baby even though my hands are overflowing as it is. My family thinks I'm nuts too, I just can't help it...
What's wrong with me?
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Re: Confused
It's just something inside of us. Even though we may have our hands full it doesn't mean we wont long for one more child. I'm finished having kids (I think lol) but I still notice babies and pregnant women everywhere and think... Well am I really done?
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