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Simone: Im charting to avoid PG, I figured with BF'ing still, I needed to do something because DH is so adamantly against me using the BCP right now..and can't say that I blame him. Plus, the fact that it could dry up my milk as well makes me want to hold off taking them. I never had good luck on lose dose bcp anyway, too much breakthrough bleeding..and i had 8 months of that with Mirena. lol Im good with a break.

Pretty sure I had my first PPAF that started on July 29th, but was over and done with by the 31st. I had cramps, nausea, and all that shebang.. but then again who knows if that wasnt from having mirena removed on the 19th.

Im so confused. =/ CM is more creamier now, so i guess im going to put that on my chart. I did the EWCM, and it put ovulation as tomorrow. =x The cramping is probably from the atrophy still.

g2g, laylas awake!

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