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Re: Pregnant & over 35
Hello. Actually our little boy Gary Michael was born on January 15th. We had an ultrasound on January 2nd & they said he was 6lbs 1oz, and that my amniotic fluid was on the low side of normal, so they did a follow up ultrasound on January 14th & said he was 6 lbs, so I got a call from my OB & she said he isn't growing so she wanted to take him that week. Said he would do better outside. Said that it could be a sign of my placenta not working, so they scheduled my C-Section for the next morning. He was perfect, weighing exactly 6 lbs. we are both doing good. How are you doing?? Are you ready yet? Is your bag packed?? I didn't get a wink of sleep the night before.... Hope everyone is doing well!!!
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