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Re: Pregnant & over 35
That's what my little guy does all the time. Although at 32 weeks we did get an alright picture of his face in 3D which was nice of the U/S tech. But our little typically has his face planted towards my backside. We have another U/S today so we shall see if he is getting bigger, he was only a little over 4 pounds a couple weeks ago. But none of my babies were big, so I'm not expecting this one to be either. Glad to hear your baby girl is doing well! So awesome to hear. It's also nice to be able to cross those weeks off the calendar... We are getting there one day at a time!! My baby shower is this weekend so I'm starting to get excited about the arrival of our little boy, still nervous about the surgery & my recovery since I'm not 25 anymore. But everyone keeps saying "you'll be fine" easy for them to say they aren't the ones having a baby in just over 3 weeks :-)
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