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chest pains during third trimester
For the past weeks I have been having really bad chest pains that pretty much keep me in bed because the more I walk the more it hurts. Yes I did have a similar problem before I was pregnant but had tons of tests done and everything was normal. This is why I haven't gone to the hospital. I also have ibs and gastroparisis which means part of my stomach is paralized, I also have acid reflux. I also have bad anxiety. So obviously I was on a lot if meds before I was pregnant but have been going without but recently they had just put me on pepcid for severe heartburn and had said that it could be gas and all my stomach problems causing the pain. And also something to take as needed for anxiety. Last night the chest pains got so bad that I almost called the ambulance. I guess my question is has anyone else dealt with anything simular to this? And if so what happened, what helped, and what could it be? I'm only 31 weeks and spend all my time in bed and can't do anything and my doc acts like everything is no big deal. Any advice I would appreciate, I'm miserable and in a lot of pain. Thank you.
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