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Re: Welcome to your February 2014 Pregnant Moms Club!
Yes we are sure. Three is enough for us, and to give kids the life they deserve it is very expensive so this is it. :smileyhappy: I think I am going thru the same thing as far as very emotional etc... but it's weird because I sometimes wonder do I feel this way because I am pregnant or was I like this before I became pregnant? I can;t remember. Memory loss is definetly as you can see at the top of my preggo list Lol! We have started shopping for small things. I found and you may too that it is much easier to get things little by little and let it accumalate over time then to buy everything all at once. That is when it can be a little stressful on your pockets. Also if other things are not going the way you want them to it is also fun to start to buy small things, it will make you smile seeing all the teenie tiny clothes etc...