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Re: Weight Gain.....
Hello I have the same weight problem but its bc I have such an active metabolism, my doctors were worried at first until they say my latest ultrasound, my baby is perfectly on schedule for weight gain and size im just not gaining or growing let alone showing yet im 21 weeks along. Its ok to not gain a ton of weight in this stage for ladies like us we do gain weight just more in the 3rd trimester and its typically weight that drops right back off after the baby with a few mild work outs and some oil everything will be back to normal skin wise. With my first kid I only gain 15 pounds the whole pregnancy but I had a beautiful healthy 6 lb 13 oz baby girl with no problems or defects and I ate everything and all the time I would be hungry but I didnt gain any weight till the last trimester. The weight you lost will be replaced with fluid and necessary fat cells for the baby that will make the lil angel perfect and happy even in a small space :-) have no worries unless you lose more weight and your ultrasound says your baby is malnourished, it should all be up from here. To deal with non hunger eating problems id snack on gummy bears, chocolate, nuts or other small non filling food items just to keep some kind of calories flowing it eventually became a habit and I found snacking made me hungry for a real meal more often; perhaps snacking would work for you as well.
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