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Re: Need advice for baby #2

I was 8 when my mom got pregnant with my little sister.  I knew before my step-dad did. Lol. Mom kept me VERY involved. I went to the ultrasound, helped pick names, helped with the nursery, all of it.  Her pregnancy became a family affair. It very much helped me feel important and wanted.  I felt like our family was gaining a member rather than me being replaced.  I got to help care for her from the minute she came home.  So, my advice is to tell him. Be super excited and present it like you would a trip to Disney.  If you approach him like  it is a problem or something potentially bad then that is how he will view it.  If you present it as awesome and special then that is how he wll see it.  Have special days with him where you do some baby related stuff (maybe have him help scan things into a baby registry) and then do special stuff for him (have lunch then pick out new stuff for his room too).   After the baby is born make sure the visitors keep up that attempt to make him feel special.  That is where we had issues.  Relatives would come over and beeline to her, ignoring me. My friends would come over to play with her, not me.  That is when jealousy set in.

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