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Re: Headache

As a sufferer of headaches pre-pregnancy, I find that this is the hardest part for me. Incessant, never-ending headaches that ruin my day with only Tylenol to take every 8 hours. I was on a preventative before I was pregnant, so now that I'm unable to take that, it's pretty much just suffer through them. A few things that I do to help with the pain are: cold wash cloth on my forehead, drink a CAN of coke, or some light exercise. I don't have high blood pressure or anything that would really cause them, they're just chronic headaches.


My primary physican told me to stop taking tylenol for 10 days. After that, start taking it occasionally, but not daily. Once I did that, I found that I had fewer headaches, but that 10 days was brutal.  Also that was prepregnancy, so it wasn't as bad.