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Re: The Stork Expedited My Package

I've never had a LEEP procedure. I've only just had regular annual papsmears that have been returned as normal. All my OB appointments while pregnant also were very normal and healthy. I always felt a little looked over because of my miscarriage, but doctors don't seem to take much notice in it until you have three in one year is how they do it here. My mother had me one month early, but that doesn't really provide me much information as to why I'd have a baby three months early. Que sera sera, I guess...

Good luck on trying to conceive! We're probably going to wait until our son gets to age two before we attempt to have another child - Doctors say around then he should meet his milestones and even out to his peers in maturity. It's a long way away from now though - we gotta master feedings, keeping him healthy, and taking him home. :smileyhappy: