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Re: Who was with you when you delivered your baby?

Tammy: LOL! I know its a beautiful experience, but just the mental image of a handful of students standing around and crying :smileyhappy: its kinda funny


For me I had


A very tired husband (who i woke up only 2 1/2 hours after falling asleep because my water broke and we were anticipating induction that morning!)


My really good friend, Jen. Who has a wonderful way of talking me through things and whatever I need, and kept me calm.


and My mother in law, whom I adore. My own mother and I dont speak (shes not allowed to talk to anyone, as per her crazy religion, and its something i've come to accept the more time goes on) and so I have a very close relationship with my mother in law. She surprised me the day before my scheduled induction by showing up to be there! I was very happy.


If i was able to, I would have had my golden retriever there as well, but apparently hospitals dont like dogs =c

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