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Re: My birth experience
4 weeks before my due date I had incredible pain. I tried to power through for 4 days, knowing it was a kidney stone. I finally went to the hospital, where they monitered me for 2 days before putting a stent in. They gave me an epidural, but I had to be awake for the surgery. There was a nurse monitering contractions, and about halfway through they were 4 minutes apart, and the staff were talking over my head about the possibility of a c-section. But everything calmed down, and I went home the next day. I had bad back pain for the next couple of weeks, along with Braxton hicks every few hours. I went to a July 4th party a week before my due date, feeling exhausted. By the time I got home around 730, my contractions were an hour apart. By 930, we were packing, but decided to wait to go to the hospital until the contractions were 8 minutes apart. Because of the stent, I had to use the bathroom each contraction, and being on my hands and knees was more comfortable. My hubby fell asleep in between each contraction, which flip flopped between 6 and 15 minutes apart. By 230, we called my dad to come stay with our older child, and tried to head to the car
But I could feel the baby shifting through my pelvic bone, and didn't think I would make it. My dad showed up, and was waiting at the end of the hall. A contraction hit, and he started doing Lamaze breathing, and actually made me laugh.
I made it to the door, but insisted the baby was coming right then. My dad helped me out to the car, where my water broke, and I could feel the head. I again insisted the baby was coming now. My dad used his dad means business voice, and tried to order me in the car.
I climbed in the front seat, on my knees facing backwards. I yelled this baby is coming now! My husband reached over and felt the head between my legs. I would pay to see the look exchanged behind my back.
As my hubby raced around to the other side, I yelled " pull down my pants and catch!" Luckily I was wearing a long shirt. But the baby was halfway out by the time my hubby got there, the umbilical cord tangled around his arm, my dad cradling him. They worked together to quickly untangle him, and he slid out. We wrapped him in a towel, turned on the heater, and called 911. It was 3am. It took 15 minutes for the ambulance to get there ant cut the cord so I could get out of the car, the baby had been resting on my legs the whole time.
There was quite the crowd of people there to meet the ambulance at the hospital.
This was 2 years ago, and he is a typical 2 year old
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