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My birth experience
On the week of my due date ii noticed ii was spotting blood. I called my OB clinic concerned and they instructed me to go to labor and delivery to make sure my water wasn't broken.

I showed up to find out I was leaking and the nurses informed me that I will stay to have my child. I was excited, nervous, happy and scared all at the same time. I was filled with excitement and can feel myself shaking thinking "it's time."

My labor was induced due to my leakage. The nurse that I was assigned to made my labor a lot easier as well; for which she teamed up with my husband making jokes and clowning me. They made it fun through my pain of contractions❤️

The time came when ii couldn't handle the pain and I was without medication. No epidural, Motrin no anesthesia. In my head I was thinking "crazy girl you're actually going to do it" at this point I was focused on the pain and couldn't talk.

When the time came to push The Doctor Wasn't In The Room!!!!!! So I was trying to hold my baby in due to the nurses instructions. 15 minutes went by and I'm in the biggest pain I had ever felt doctor wasn't coming but the baby was. And I'm sorry nurse I just had to push and in a "practice push" BOOM my baby slid out into the bed!! It was so quick and ii thought to myself "all that pain for one second?!" My baby was nice to me and came out in one push with no doctor in the room; and a minute later the doctor walked inside.

I got to say. All that pain was worth it. I love my son. Named him Clark and his a month old now
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