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My experience to my first daughter!
During August 2013 i was 9 months pregnant. I contacted my doctor because i was leaking fluids so bad i had to wear pads all the time. The doctor told me nothing was wrong and not to worry, so I went into labor sept. 10, 2003. On this night I went to the hospital with back labor pains. The next morning my doctor came in and broke the rest of my water about 6am sept 11 2003, come to find out i had a pin hole on top of my water and thats why i was leaking. After my water was bromen the doctor had induced me. It was my first baby so i didnt understand the reason to induce when i was already having contractions. I started to contract very strong without breaks. They did not bring my epidural till 12 noon. At 5:30 i was having a lot of pain again. The nurse came in to check me and my daughters head was right there. I pushed her out in 20 minutes. She was 7 lbs 0 oz 18 inches. Well the nightmare wasn't over! As soon as they took my daughter i did not know at that time but i was hemorrhaging. My plesenta had broken pieces still in my stomach, they had to go in to retrieve the pieces still inside. The Doctor(male) had to use his hand to recover so that means his arm and hand had to go bk in the smae way the baby came out. This was more painful then pushing my daughter out. He finally got them out and stopped the bleeding. I lost so much blood I looked very ghostly for the first year following my childs birth. I was then fCed with 3 laprascopic surgeries. 1. To remove scar tissue from child birth. 2. My new doctor diagnosed me with endometriosis because he found my left olvery flipped and attached to my pelvic wall. 3. I was doubling over in pain and the 3 surgery showed nothing so i had to get a colonoscopy at 21 to find out I have irritable bowel syndrome. Now 10yrs later I'm taking my chances again and am 4 months pregnant. My family, friends and myself are worried it may happen again! Anybody have this type of experience? Or have any info that can help.
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