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Re: My birth story

I'm sorry that you feel like I was being mean when I said that I wish more people posted positive birth stories. However when not many people are posting positive birth stories, and instead feel like spilling out every negative point, it does set up a lot of fear and expectations for negative births. I'm not the only person who has felt that way.


If you read my birth stories, you would have found that my first birth wasn't a positive one for me. It was rather tramatic, really. However when I tell people about that I don't tell them all the scary details because that honestly wouldn't really help anyone. It would just scare the crap out of them. I had so many people feel the need to tell me the negative details of their childbirths while leaving out the positive ones that when things started to go bad with my first labor and delivery I was terrified. I just feel like as mothers sometimes it helps others more when we focus on the positives rather than the negatives. It wasn't until I started to focus on the positives that I was able to emotionally heal from my first birth.