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Re: Tell us about your funny kiddos!

Layla's too little to say anything pretty embarassing yet.. butttttt she is no stranger to "doing" something totally embarassing..

When she was about 5 weeks old, I went to visit my old job. At that time, my "milk makers" were overproducing, and I barely fit into my tops, and I liked to wear v cut shirts for easy nursing access. Well, my "head hauncho" boss was there that day and he stopped to talk to me about how cute Layla was, and how proud of me he was (I had been an employee there for 7 years when I left to have layla, it was my first job, i started at age 17). Well, as he finished saying that, layla grabbed my shirt and yanked down, exposing my wonderful nursing BBs to my old boss. He turned red, laughed it off and said "oh i remember when my kids would do that to my wife..." type of thing, and excused himself. I however turned 4 shades of red, cracked up laughing and juggled a baby around to holster those BBs back into my shirt.  Our secretary and I laughed for another 5 minutes on how i just "flashed the boss". :smileyvery-happy:

I still have a hard time looking Mr. C in the eye when i run into him in the grocery store, but it definitely makes for a great laugh. =))

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