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Re: Tell us about your funny kiddos!
I keep a journal for each of my kids recording some of the cute things they do or say over the years. These are some of my favorites:

At 4 months pregnant, my 6 yr old Brooke excitedly tells me "Look Mom! Baby is growing in your hips too!"

My 4 yr old Haley wrote a bunch of random letters on a paper, some of them backwards, then ran over to show them to me and asked what they spelled. Distracted I said "i dont know Haley, it looks Russian to me." She proudly walked over to show sister her paper and said "look Brookie! I wrote that we in a rush!"

Brooke- "Mommy, I know what the brown part of a tree is called. It's the Rufff!"

Haley at age 3, after I asked if she wet her pants. "No Mommy! I not pee my pants! I not poop my pants! See?! I wearing a skirt!" (Future lawyer!)

Brooke asked how old I was and I decided a little lie wouldnt hurt, so I told her 21. She says "Cool! I cant wait until I'm 21 and I have 3 kids!"

Rushing to get everyone dressed and out the door my 3 yr old Haley asks "what can I do Mommy?" Flustered I mumbled "get Mommy a jack & coke?" She yelled OK! and ran off leaving me worrying about whether she knew i was joking until she came running back with arms full saying "Here you go Mommy! Heres you jacket, and heres you coat!"

I recommend starting a similar journal for your kiddos. They love hearing the funny stories just as much as I love remembering them.
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